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Evian Natural Mineral Water

Product Name: Evian Natural Mineral Water
Product Origin: France
Standard: Original
Brand Name: EVIAN Natural Mineral Water
PriceTerms: CIF
Supply Ability: 3 to 5 containers
Detailed Product Description:

Evian Natural Mineral Water 330ML,500ML, 750ML, 1L,1.5L 2L

Evian Mineral Water - Available in various sizes.
Evian Mineral Water
Evian Mineral Water is one of the biggest Water brands in the world and we have every size available for your demand, please see below for sizes and packaging;

Evian 24x330ml plastic bottles
Evian 20x330ml glass bottles
Evian Sports Cap 12x750ml plastic bottles
Evian 12x750ml glass bottles
Evian 6x1ltr plastic bottles
Evian 12x1.5ltr plastic bottles
Evian 6x2ltr plastic bottles

We can also supply perrier, vittel

We currently supply our customers with full loads and mixed full loads

Shipment can be arranged ASAP so please contact for more information.

contact me
Phone: +33758728107

whatsapp: +33758728107

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